• "I left the workshop feeling both inspired with creative approaches to science radio and armed with a formidable set of tools to help me produce better science programming."

    AS, New York
  • "The effects of the workshop are clear. I am able to do pieces on science faster and more easily, with greater confidence and (I think) with better results."

    BRS, Delaware
  • "One of the most valuable aspects of the Science Literacy Workshop was the opportunity to make connections with other journalists and experts."

    BW, Minnesota
  • "We touched on a lot of basics that week. A lot. From physics to biofuels, chemistry to sound gathering techniques, it was science “boot camp” for the mind...The experts brought in were tops in their fields and the kinds of people we as radio journalists dream of finding: clear, concise, and authoritative."

    JB, Atlanta
  • "As a liberal arts major I confess I was worried I'd have a hard time getting my head around physics, statistics, DNA, gene splicing and biotechnology. But you presenters made it all very understandable, and dare I say it, fun."

    JH, Idaho
  • "The organizers made considerable effort to make our time as productive yet comfortable as possible."

    JS, Alaska
  • "I'd like to thank SoundVision for the opportunity to participate. Not only did I walk away with story ideas, overviews of critical areas of science, but also great contacts and friends. It was a pleasure, and I would recommend it to any reporter eager to be better at the science beat."

    KE, Louisville
  • The "craft" sessions of the workshop have definitely stuck with me. They were really valuable in terms of story telling, creativity, sound, personality and emotion.

    KG, Philadelphia
  • "I can honestly say it was one of the most valuable weeks of training I have had as a journalist."

    L McC, California
  • "Just want to say: Wow, what an amazing conference…Every day, I am reading a little through all my notes and the binder and our Google Groups material and brainstorming ways to incorporate all I learned into my work."

    LJ, Baltimore
  • "I've been in regular contact with a few of the folks from the group and I feel that I could call on any of them at any point. It was truly a great mix of talent. Also, I'm still thrilled with the accessibility and approachability of the scientists and other presenters. I felt like we had an opportunity to mix with an elite group of scientists at the top of their fields, quite a memorable experience. Finally, the behind the scenes tour of the CalAcademy was a rare treat, and something I still talk about."

    ML, Oakland
  • "I am a better reporter because of what I learned at that workshop, [and] I use what I learned there almost every day."

    R.R., California
  • "I wanted to email you because, last month, a series I produced aired called God, Darwin & Dixie. It was about the battle over evolution here in Alabama. It was inspired by my time in San Francisco and I would've never have thought of doing the stories (or built up the gumption to do them) had I not attended the workshop."

    Rosemary Pennington, Alabama
  • "Science is such a sprawling topic than it can be hard as a reporter to wrap your arms and head around it. And it can make you regret not having spent more time in high school and college focusing on physics, chemistry, statistics, and other math/science fundamentals. It's not often that adults get the chance to revisit this material in a classroom setting in a substantial way, but that's what we got in Berkeley."

    SP, Boston
  • "I feel more qualified to cover stories in all areas of science... I now have more confidence in interpreting data presented in professional papers, newspaper articles and reports..."

    SQ, Utah