About the Project

Before we as journalists can tell a science story, we need to grasp the science behind it. And before that, we must realize that there is more than one understanding of truth and evidence: for instance, perspectives based on science, law, politics, economics and faith.

Since 1999 the Science Literacy Project, from SoundVision Productions, has given producers and reporters the knowledge and tools to tackle complex science stories in a perceptive, clear, balanced and imaginative way.

Designed and developed by SoundVision Productions, the Science Literacy Project has had a long-lasting, positive impact on its students. Even years after attending, participants from rural to large metropolitan stations report that what they learned in the workshops still guides them in their work.

For public radio as a whole, the project results in more and better science coverage nationwide. The project:

  • Increases the number and quality of science stories produced for radio.
  • Adds to the pool of national and regional reporters who are able to report competently on complex research processes, discoveries and implications.
  • Bridges the knowledge gap between the scientific community and the public.

In response to requests from the public radio system, SoundVision will expand these training opportunities to include workshops specifically for public radio news directors and editors, and Web journalists.